Eco-Friendly Business Solution

Why Eco Friendly?

These days, many businesses are going green. 1 area of business that’s easy to overlook when developing green is your business cards. Many businesses and governments around the world are addressing the most crucial issue of our time: GLOBAL WARMING. In the process of integrating and making a conscious effort to go green, employers neglect the small and basic ways how they can contribute to this cause. Business cards create a good deal of paper waste but are important to marketing your business. Therefore, we’ve got eco-friendly cards.

Role of Business Cards

A professional card plays a vital part to communicate the essence of business of the company. An entrepreneur can create a positive and everlasting effect on the minds of the clients. A business or an entrepreneur can play with colours, patterns, graphics, fonts and other elements to create an everlasting impression. Unique designing of these cards differentiate the cards from other opponents’ cards.

Why Eco-Friendly Cards?

A marketer can design an eco-friendly expert card that is without health dangers. These cards also leave a deeper visual effect on the minds of their audiences. It’s thus essential that the designer and printer exude extreme importance when working on business cards. In the current age and time, once the whole world is concerned about environmental issues, choosing eco-friendly cards is a worthwhile idea for business ventures. Businesses now can make a major difference to the reason behind environmental preservation by switching over to commercial green printing. Entrusting the printing of business cards to an eco friendly printer will be certainly appreciated by all customers, companies and associates.

Commercial printing printing is capable of creating durable, attractive and professional-looking business cards that are extremely safe for the environment. There’s absolutely no reason to prevent green print when green printing has grown with technology and is presently recognized as a suitable printing solution all over the world. Green printing is cheap is capable of superior printing quality. By printing your business cards in an eco-friendly fashion, you’ll have the ability to improve your brand equity when demonstrating parallel support to the green movement.

Is it Eco-Friendly Expensive?

Traditionally many have thought eco-friendly printing as expensive, but it’s no longer correct. Nowadays green printer suppliers offer competitive prices which are comparable with traditional printers. So far as quality is concerned, eco-friendly printing produces excellent results. . The soy or vegetable inks provide several bright, vibrant and attractive colours. Eco-friendly printing suppliers use just paper using high post-consumer recycled material, whitened without chlorine or some other chlorine chemicals. They make it a point to use just Soy inks since Soy inks aren’t just more environment-friendly than petroleum-based inks, but they also produce a sharper, brighter picture.

An individual can always get cards made from a local printing shop or even purchase them online. The typical cost for having printed green cards starts at about $40 for 500 cards. To the contrary, making your own cards is cheap and a fantastic option. To create an eco-friendly business card, you’ll have to purchase recycled paper. You have a choice of colours as recycled paper is readily available in a number of colors.

With the support of appropriate software in your computer, you can make a business card in the desired pattern. You are able to take advantage of any available colours, fonts and pictures. If you can’t get vegetable based ink, you can use ordinary ink for printing on the eco-friendly recycled paper.

Eco-friendly cards also have a few disadvantages. There aren’t glistening and water-proof like another business cards. Printing on both sides of a green card can also cost a good deal of money.

It’s wise to purchase or prepare as many cards which are actually required. By doing this, you can save yourself a good deal of paper in addition to ink. This trivial gesture of yours can help in protecting the environment. Having a green business card is a superb way to be different from others, in addition to protect the environment. With an eco-friendly card, you may produce a distinguishable identity and also’Go Green’!

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